The Haunted Jail- Not an average haunted house

More than just scares

Experience a completely redesigned haunt this season that is more intense and filled with new twists and terror! Your epic, bone chilling trip through the Haunted Jail will give you a never before seen perspective. Deimos Nosferato has been the keeper of souls for centuries and has awakened his tribe of creatures and vamps from the underworld…because it’s time to feed. Many have tried to end Deimos and his blood thirsty family and all have failed.

The HAUNTED JAIL in downtown Columbia City

has been the area’s best haunt since 1991. Celebrating our 27th season, this year promises to be the best year yet with the announcement of a new attraction only a few dare.

Rich in history and legend alike, the Haunted Jail has horrified even the most hardcore haunt seeker.

Constructed in 1875, the HAUNTED JAIL is located one block east of the courthouse at 116 E. Market St., Columbia City. It is our pleasure to entertain guests from across the country and abroad.

Deimos Nosferato: The Father Returns Home

My amazing children..

I have missed you all dearly. Join me, this is the season to be captured by the darkness.

Either surrender to the darkness or be drained of all that sustains you.

It is not enough that I win…everyone else must lose. I will teach you, make you stronger, and together take what is ours.

Join me, this is the season to be captured by the darkness.

It has been a sweet return..

to my home in the darkness of the catacombs. And they all remember me.

I am every nightmare you have ever had. I am your worst fears come true.

I am the very thing you fear…now October is upon, and I have come back.

There is a stench of blood and flesh in the air.

The lust for the beating heart is overpowering and my family is hungry.

I can see your fear..

I can taste your sweetness. And I can feel you as you make me stronger.

I hear that noise that you want to make but are too overcome by terror. Now is the time for you to decide.

Will you surrender? If you don’t, where will you be when we begin to feed?.

It is I.. Deimos Nosferato..the Soul Keeper

and I am eager to welcome you to my home..

Hours - Friday/Saturday 7 to 11 p.m.
School Nights 7 to 9 p.m.

New Attractions Coming Soon to The Haunted Jail

Un-Locking new Catacombs

Never before seen from the depths of dispair and blood curdling knighmares, this new attraction will take your breath away!That is, IF you make it out alive..

New Super Tickets

For When VIP isnt VIP enough..These new tickets allow you to have NO WAIT at all. First come first served for the Jail superfans, these are limited edition and even more limited in quanity!

The Deimos Stalker Cam

Ever want to know what it would feel like from the perspective of Deimos? Check out the Vamp cam in the Catacomb Blog for a first person view!

The Scream Cam

Its dark, your clutching the person in front of you and right as you recieve the fright of your life, Scream Cam captures your groups reaction! Take home a 5x7 momento from the resident Vampire.




Years Open
Souls Reaped
Un-Dead Residents
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Other Haunted Jail Residents

James Johnson| the cutter

Following in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper (or could it be his own), James “The Cutter” Johnson is one with the shadows, stalking his victims through the night with his razor sharp knife, hatchet, and his favorite pair of sheers. Survivors would say that the last sound they heard before seeing their own blood on the ground was the sound of his sheers scraping together, but there have been no survivors. James has become fond of wearing the face of his victims and is always on the hunt for the next “facelift”. If you hear the sound of his sheers scraping together, be cautious, for those might be your last breaths!

Dr. Charles Nostradamus| the plauge

In 1884, on his way back home, in Columbia City he was stopped by two strange men that had just escaped from the old Whitley County Jail. One of the men stabbed the good Dr. As he took his last breath, a pale fanged shadow descended upon him with an offer he couldn't refuse. His body was buried in the local cemetery, but his soul became part of the Haunted Jail. He now spreads desease on people's souls as for the payment of his master, Lord Deimos.

Dr. Shock | Jail Psychologist

His techniques with rehabilitation were known far and wide. But after meeting Deimos and the Horde, his practice became that much more....shocking!

Axe Man | cutlery enthusiast

He's evil... that much we know. Not much else is known about Ol'Axy except he definately gonna stack up little peices of bodies in nice neat piles.

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Ticket Prices

Per Soul


  • General Admission
  • All the scares you can handle
Per Soul


  • Ride the Reaper's Chariot
  • Close Quarter Scares
Per Soul


  • VIP Treatment
  • Seperate VIP Admission Line
  • More Scares Than You Can Handle
Per Soul

Double Trouble

  • Vip Treatment
  • Seperate Vip Admission Line
  • Reaper's Chariot Ride
  • Scared Beyond Repair

We will be expecting you at The Haunted Jail soon

The zombies are getting very, very hungry..

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116 E Market St.
Columbia City, IN 46725


Fri-Sat: 7p-11p
School Nights 7p-9p



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